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About Us

Welcome to our family website! Our adventures are captured with Carla’s obsession with her digital camera(s). She always has it with her, and we use our website to share our adventures with our family and friends. We’ve been doing this LONG before Facebook, and we use it for the day to day things, but this page (once we get everything transferred over from the old site) goes back WAY before Facebook. It’s a great digital scrapbook for us and the kids!

Be sure to visit each page to see what everyone is up to!

Stay tuned and check back for our latest adventures.

Also, find us on Facebook! 

You’ll also find a section highlighting our projects, highlighting Todd’s expertise in numerous areas!

You can also find links to many of our different website we own and for Carla’s ministry and business: – Carla’s Design/Photo/Video business – Carla’s Online Photography Website – Carla’s Christian Mom Ministry – Our site featuring an extensive catalog of brass instruments – For those that own and collect Bach instruments – Univ. of Akron Alumni Marching Band

Leave us a comment and let us know you were here! You can email us too at!